How invest in silver coins
Investing in silver is not as common as investing in its cousin, gold. However, this does not make silver any less attractive, most especially now that the monetary policies of governments are destroying the purchasing power of every unit of currency we hold. The very first thing you have to know are the two types of silver most commonly traded today: silver bars and silver coins. Silver bars are pretty common but there are a few characteristics of bars that make them less desirable as coins. The first reason is that bars are less prestigious as bars. When trading, coins can be bought and sold much easier than bars. Besides, with bars you have to sell the whole thing in order to liquidate. Either you sell everything or nothing at all. It is an all-or-nothing situation with bars. Silver coins clearly do not have this problem. Going into detail, while value is not diminished with bullion against coins, the fact that they are government-minted and can be broken up into smaller quantities are the main reasons for the preference of coins. There is also the universality of acceptance of coins that make them attractive. Even when silver prices fluctuate wildly, there will be little question to government-minted coins. Their value practically stays the same way on the market. An assay, or scientific measurement of silver in a coin or bar, is also less likely to happen when you trade in coins. Another reason why silver coins are a good investment is in the analysis of the gold/silver ratio. The ratio is used to determine the absolute and relative prices of gold and silver. In this case, the important thing to know is that it is accepted that the ratio will normalize to 16:1 based on historical evidence. Though the ratio currently stands somewhere between 65:1 and 75:1, declining below- ground supplies and the movement of the ratio to normal levels will make silver a top commodity in the near future. You must understand that there is a wide variety of uses for silver, especially in the camera industry. Lastly, if gold prices were to stay the same, and as the ratio normalizes, then the price of silver should double or even breach the $100 mark per ounce.

How invest in silver bars
Silver bars are the superior form of investing in the precious metal because they have the lowest premium over spot value and lower price that silver coin being equal in weight and purity. What this means is that the mark-up price of silver bars is substantially lower than that of coins or rounds. The reason coins have such a high mark-up is because while the amount of silver in the coin helps direct the price, so too a higher production cost compared silver bar. Numerous brands of .999 fine bars have been produced over the years. These bars are produced either by an extrusion process, or by a free pour method. Bars produced by an extrusion process are exactly the same size, making them ideal for stacking and storage in a safety deposit box. Poured bars are slightly less convenient to stack in large quantities. However, they are all guaranteed to weigh exactly 100 ounces. The minting costs for producing one 1 oz silver bar are proportionally higher than the costs for producing one 100 oz silver bar, so buying larger bars always saves you money on premiums over spot. risks involved in silver investment vary greatly based on the particular form of silver you choose , unallocated and expensive silver pools all the way to simple one ounce silver rounds. Liquidity, storage, and barter potential should be the most important considerations in any size silver investment. A larger bar should offer you savings for example 1000 ozt LBMA or 15kg it s highest top silver investment with lower premium but they are really bulky and difficult to manage. For this products is recommended by our international storage service. We always recommend purchasing a smaller sized product if the storage option is not used with us. only will this help save you money on shipping when buying online, but the option to trade in small units is always best to have.