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Bullion storage is an industry that was built on the need to provide safe and secure storage options. Investments in precious metals are increasing, and whilst this used to be an industry that only rich businessmen, governments and large companies got involves with, these days it is an investment opportunity that everyone wants a piece of. It is not always viable to store precious metals at home, not when insurance is expensive and when a simple burglar could see you lose everything you have ever worked for. Also for safe deposit box where the bank doesn’t insure the contents and if you want to feel really comfortable and secure, you have to buy separate insurance, which can be expensive, and it’s hard to get for precious metals in safe deposit boxes. There is also the security risk going to and from the bank for bankruptcy, panic closing for bank run, confiscation and nationalization by governments. Size can be an issue! If an investor chooses to make a large investment in coins, the holding could be bulky, exceeding the capacity of the ordinary box. Bullion storage facilities were created to solve this issue. These companies have highly secure vaults where all of the previous metals are kept and monitored at all times. Rexau Ltd offers secure, trusted and insured storage in three continents for both large and small investors. Confidentiality and privacy are at the core of what we do and we do not report transactions or holdings. Rexau Ltd Storage is extremely safe, if not the safest form of bullion ownership in the world. Since we store your precious metals in the vaults of the world’s leading precious metals storage companies, you can rest assured that your precious metals holdings are stored in some of the most secure commercial vaults available. Our clients store their bullion in Vienna, Toronto and Singapore with internationally storage companies as GVS, S.T.A.R and Brink’s are most respected precious metals vaulting operators. International storage diversification of your precious metal holdings is well advised in these uncertain times. Their facility and the assets it holds are 100% insured against all physical loss, theft, damage, or other liability . They do not outsource any of their storage. Therefore, they are able to certify at all times that you are receiving the highest quality protection. Most insurance premiums are cost prohibitive for a policy covering theft of precious metals from your home and safe deposit box contents are not insured. For that reason, segregated or allocated vault storage with a private, fully insured third-party custodian is a great option for storing your gold, silver and other precious metals bullion products. Direct ownership: bullion stored under Rexau Ltd Secure Storage always remains the client’s property. Rexau Ltd are simply the ‘bailee’, which means that clients have a full legal title and outright ownership of their bullion. Since allocated bars ensure that title of the bullion is assigned to the owner from the moment it is purchased to the moment in which it is sold, allocated bullion cannot form part of Rexau Ltd assets or the custodian’s assets, and therefore is not subject to any third-party claims.

We storage in three locality in the world:


GVS Vault . Hochsicherheits-Lager Wien-Nord . Top security
100% independent from the banking system and the governments
Ongoing monitoring of physical inventories by an external auditor
All stored precious metals are totally insured 100% theft, fire, building collapse Various options available and authorized fixable, even with death
Highest level of security for your precious metal. Specialmade steel safes of the company Wertheim. Trained security service around the clock on site.
Alarm system monitoring with Siemens. VSÖ + VDS certification
Infrared video surveillance + High Sensitive seismic detector
Access for authorized persons only + multi-person control system

Yearly fees :
1,1 % year for gold storage
1,4 % year for silver, platinum storage
above the 15,000 euro stored with us reduction fees 0.2% gold and silver , platinum from the 2nd semester onwards


S.T.A.R Vault . State of the Art Security
The Vault is strategically located in Singapore within 2 minutes from the police station and is physically secured by 24/7 perimeter security officers. Operational security is provided by armed Singapore Auxiliary Police. The security system operates 24/7 monitoring services with local and remote CCTV backups, quadruple alarm type sensors and 2.5 tons Class I door. Gold and platinum are stored in a special UL rated Class II Vault (a vault within a vault) which consists of 30cm thick composite steel walls. Unrivaled Insurance.
S.T.A.R have one of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Our coverage includes theft, fire, building collapse, protection from inside jobs (infidelity insurance) and negligence (mysterious disappearance) - a liability not commonly available to other vaults as they do not meet the operational standards required by the insurer or cannot afford the premiums

Yearly fees:
1,3 % year for gold storage
1,5 % year for silver, platinum storage
above the 15,000 euro stored with us reduction fees 0.15% gold and silver ,platinum from the 2nd semester onwards

CANADA Toronto

Brink’s Vault. Synonymous of total safety
Brink s employs over 70,000 people in over 100 countries and it is one of the largest and famous operators of security in the world.
In the U.S., Brink’s is synonymous with the security industry. Brink’s Canada has been in business since 1927 and operates high security precious metals vaults in a number of cities around the world. In Canada, Brink’s also operates two precious metals vaults in Ontario, one of which is in Toronto, again very close to Johnson Matthey’s Canadian gold and silver refinery is in Brampton, just outside Toronto. Brink’s is involved in precious metals vaulting, armored transport and each precious metals you trade are stored in a secure vault under 24-hour guard. There is no safer place for your bullion .The vaults are constructed & equipped with the latest - world leading technology. The entire facility is protected 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, fully insured against any theft, fire and any disaster. Peace of the mind
for your bullion entrusted at Brink’s.

Yearly fees:
1,2 % year for gold storage
1,5 % year for silver, platinum storage
above the 15,000 euro stored with us reduction fees 0.15% gold and silver, platinum from the 2nd semester onwards