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Accumulation program Silver


Rexgram Silver carry lower price premiums than purchasing individual Silver bars and coin in small denominations. It is possible accumulate precious metals in any increment of 10gr Rexgram Silver or more. This makes the Rexau Ltd program a cost-effective way, Low Spread, to save towards physical bullion bars or trade in and out of positions. One Rexgram Silver is equal in weight to ten gram of physical silver. Rexgram is fully backed up by Rexau Ltd  stock inventory of physical silver precious metals. Rexgram can be converted to physical bullion coins, bars at any time or sold back to Rexau Ltd  at any time. There are no fees for buying, selling Rexgram Silver and can be converted in increments of 32ozt silver coin, or greater weight silver bars and deliverable formatted product once the total ounces held in your account is not less than 32 troy ounces. In the event that your balance is less than 32 troy ounces you may only opt for cash value settlement and remitted in your Linked Bank Account, Credit Card. When converting your Rexgram Silver all silver coins or bars available on website can be converted in equal weight. Storage fee for Rexgram Silver is paid every day with the same precious metal and will be deducted from your Holding balance on a daily. Rexgram Silver storage fee and all terms of use agreement are available in Schedule of Charges and Terms Conditions.

Vienna Audit Vienna Audit
532e88          25000gr.
227bf8          15000gr.
1c8502          50000gr.
b9d603          40000gr.
fg86jr            11000gr
76jy4r.          55000gr
yh324f.         10000gr
gb78dj          10000gr

Singapore Audit Singapore Audit
98hbg2.          58000gr.
ff78j6             40000gr.
vg933d          20050gr.
​5d3gyr           30000gr.
09za6b           33000gr.

Toronto Audit Toronto Audit
yyf8hu              1000gr.
cvj092              1000gr.
437ihd              2500gr.