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100g  Perth Мint 100g  Perth Мint

100g Perth Мint

Buy Price € 7375.20 Sell Price € 7107.98

Weight : 100g
Fineness : .999,9
Length : 52,60 mm
Width : 31,60 mm
Thickness : 4,80 mm


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Item Description

Founded in 1899 as a branch of Britain's Royal Mint, The Perth Mint was acquired by the State Government of Western Australia in 1970. Since then the Australian Government has appointed The Perth Mint as the exclusive manufacturer of Australian gold and silver investment products.
Each bar is available with an individual serial number and assayer’s signature on the assay card, verifying the authenticity of your product. The CertiCard security features ensure that your product arrives in the condition promised in this product listing.  The original green card featured the CertiCard® logo and the words SECURITY CASE on the front under the blister. These cards housed Minted Bars with plain and adorned backs, which when illuminated under a Wood (UV) lamp revealed the words SEAL INTACT
On the obverse side of each bar is the image of the Perth Mint’s logo, a graceful swan. Featured in the center of a circle, the swan is surrounded by engravings that read “Perth Mint – Australia.” The bar’s purity, metal content, and weight are inscribed below. The reverse side of these 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars has a repeating design of jumping kangaroos. The animals are arranged in a horizontal pattern, and are the only engravings on this side.