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Sovereign Sovereign


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Net Weight
(precious metal content): 0.2354 oz 7,3223 gr.
Gross Weight: 7.988 gr 0.256 oz t
Fineness: .916,7
Diameter: 22.10 mm
Thickness: 1.52 mm
Face value 1 POUND
Manufacturer : Royal Mint


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Item Description

Sovereign Widely regarded as the flagship bullion coin of The Royal Mint, the British Sovereign is perfect for diversifying your portfolio and adding a touch of class to it. The Sovereign bears the iconic image the patron saint of England, St. George slaying a dragon. In its current form, the Sovereign has been minted since 1817. The sovereign was produced as a coin-bullion until 1982. From then until 1999, only coins were produced with mirrored bottom but since 2000 has also been shooting the previous coinage. Currently the sovereign is minted at the Royal Mint . The coins are produced with the precious metal which is kept separately from the rest of the brand.