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100 Pesos Chile 100 Pesos Chile

100 Pesos Chile

Buy Price € 1352.31 Sell Price € 1274.67

Net weight
(precious metal content) 18,31 gr 0.5886 oz t
Weight gross : 20,34gr 0.653 oz t
Fineness .900
Thickness : 2.1 mm
Diameter : 31.1 mm
Face value : 100 pesos
Manufacturer Santiago Mint


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Item Description

The first year, 1926 used slightly different designs on both obverse and reverse as can be seen from our photographs. On the obverse, there is a sharp truncation at the neck, and the date is below, whereas on the later type, the date is superimposed on the shoulder.
The lettering is slightly smaller. On the reverse, the lettering is also slightly smaller, the engraving around the coat of arms is different, and the "100 Ps" can be read clockwise, the same as the CIEN PESOS, whereas on the later issues, it is retrograde, and reads as part of the DIEZ CONDORES inscription on the lower half of the coin.