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Britannia 1 oz Britannia 1 oz
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Britannia 1 oz

Buy Price € 40.31 Sell Price € 27.52

Metal precious content : 31.103 gr 1.00 troy oz
Fineness : 999.9
Diameter : 40,6
Tickness : 2,32
face value : 2 pound
manufacturer : Royal Mint


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Item Description

Britannia is one of the world’s oldest coin icons and this classic design is recognised and respected across the world as a symbol of beauty, reliability and strength. Featuring the
Britannia design, by Philip Nathan on the reverse, combined with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark on the obverse. On the reverse side of each coin is the image of Britannia, the guardian of the British Isles. She is featured with a trident in her right hand, a Corinthian helmet upon her head, and a shield in her left hand with the Union Jack emblazoned on it as she stands ready to defend Britain.