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Maple Leaf 1oz Maple Leaf 1oz

Maple Leaf 1oz

Buy Price € 2267.55 Sell Price € 2164.48

Net Weight
precious metal content : 1 oz t
Gross Weight : 31.110 g
Diameter : 30.00 mm
Thickness : 2.80 mm
Fineness : .9999
Face Value : CAD 50
Manufacturer : Royal Canadian Mint


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Item Description

The Canadian maple leaf gold coin is one of the world's most popular bullion coins. Over 25 million troy ounces were sold since the 1 oz gold Canadian maple leaf coin was first issued in 1979. One of the primary reasons for this is that the Gold Canadian maple leaf was the first coin ever to be minted to a purity level of .9999 fineness.  In addition, the gold coin has a rim and a rippled edge. One function of the edge rod is to improve the stackability. The addition of the rippled edge should make a damage or cut to the gold coin immediately visible. The radial lines and the laser engram safety feature are intended to impede the falsification of the Maple Leaf. 
Maple Leaf Gold Coin 2016. The design of the front is the typical symbol of the Canadian maple leaf. Below the motif to the right the laser engram security feature can be seen.